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One of our biggest worries in life is the well-being of our loved ones. Life insurance, the foundation of financial planning, is a way that you can care for the ones you love, or help your business continue when you are no longer around.

Whether you are single, married, single parents, a stay-at-home parent, a business owner with self-supporting children, retired, or fall under some other category; life insurance applies to all situations and should be seriously considered to fit into your long-term plans and budget.

InSite Insurance Services can help you select the best life insurance coverage to fit your individual needs. Some of the most common types are:

Term Life Insurance:
This policy is written for a specified period of time and is considered “pure” insurance coverage because it will only pay a death benefit if the insured dies during the term. Term life usually offers the most insurance protection for your dollar because it does not build up any cash value.

Whole Life:
This type of policy provides a guaranteed death benefit along with cash values, usually for a level premium. The amount of cash that builds up in the policy depends on current interest rates.

Universal Life:
A type of permanent insurance that is flexible in the premium payments, any extra premium payments not going to the insurance amount goes to the cash value in the policy which earns interest. Even if premium payments are not made, if there is enough cash value to cover the insurance cost, the policy will continue in force or the level of insurance may be reduced.

This is usually a single premium life insurance policy that will later be paid back to the insured party over time via fixed payments, death of the insured or until the final contract date whichever comes first.

We offer the following types of insurance

  • Personal Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Estate Planning
  • Key Person
  • Annuities
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance

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